Game Design Challenge #1

I’ve decided to enter the DP Game Design Challenge. Although I admit that it will be doubly challenging to fit this in my schedule, along with developing my flash game, and finishing my board game concept.
The challenge consists of playing and writting a few paragraphs about 100 best reviewed games …

My Journey In Game Design

Today is a good day.
Since December 2008, I believed myself settled down for good. Having graduated from Computer Programming at college.. a permanant job, a confortable wage, and a promising career in IT was just around the corner.
It’s as if all these months of keyboard bashing have brainwashed me into …

Introduction to Adaptable Game Design

Adaptability is important when planning and developing a game. It’s just as important as when designing any computer system. Times change, and so software set in stone normally gets replaced by newer and more flexible systems.
Use of the Unreal Engine lasted a long time partly because of excellent design planning. …