The intro dialog really throws you into the story, and the theme of the game (street life). It introduced the character well, an overview of the story, and foreshadowed events to come. The intro screen makes it easy to start or load games. I definitely “felt” like the character from the start.

However, I found some of the starting dialog a little too overwhelmingly “gangster”, compared to the rest of the storyline. It might potentially turn off some players who arn’t that crazy about the setting.


The game teaches you seamlessly about the controls and interface as you go along the storyline. For example, as soon as it shows you an action your character can you, the story beckons you to use it. It gives it less of a concrete “tutorial” feel, which are often painfully long. The controls and interface are easy to figure out, and the more complexe functions don’t overwhelm the gameplay until either you figure it out or the game teaches you about it.

I found some of the dialogs a little dragged on. I wish they had cut to the action a little earlier in those cases.


As a whole, this game is more addicting than sugar coated crack (pun intended). Most missions arn’t that difficult to beat, but need a certain level of concentration that lets the game take over your senses. In several high speed car chases, where the car needed to be intact, and in a certain location by a certain time frame, my heart rate was through the roof. The gameplay lets you use a combination of maneuveurs, tactics and strategy (up to a point) to complete missions.

Adding more fun elements to the game would be like adding sprinkles to the already delicious donut. Certainly adding interesting characters, cars, or missions would make the game a little funner.


I enjoy driving around town and seeing the different styles of buildings and roads in different corners of town. The characters during dialog are comic-book looking, giving you a surreal feeling. The interface is very crisp and easy to use, and also entertaining sometimes (clicking on your couch to save the game). The details arn’t overwhelming, but there’s just enough to keep your interest in your environment.


Feels like all criminal actions I have on the town affects it. For example, drug dealing, running over people, stealing cars will attract attention from the police. I also find the felony system clever and realistic. The enemy gangsters are fairly easy to beat, which I find a little dissapointing. Being able to beat 3 gangsters with guns and 2 with machine guns using your basic pistol seems a little unrealistic. I would have made the combats a little more tactical in nature, and harder.


Once the controls become second nature, GTA really drags you into the game by making you feel like you belong in a living and breathing environment, with consequences to every action. It makes you realize that breaking the law can be really fun, but also hard to do without getting busted or killed. The dialogs gives a sense of purpose to the missions.

The game gives you alot of freedom to do what you want, but makes the missions necessary to your development as a crime lord. You’re able to play on your own terms, and switch to “mission mode” whenever you want.

What I would have liked to see is a possibility to literally create your own gang. Being able to recruit gangsters, control territories, compete for drug trade and such would add to the immersion by 10x. However, I do understand how much more work this would involve, and that the game is already well rounded for a wide audience.


The perspective are very cleverly done, although the size of the screen sometimes makes it difficult to notice important obstacles on the road when you’re driving. For what console they were working with, I think they did the best they could. The smart camera dosn’t always point to the ideal location (in the middle of a fight), which could be improved. I think they should have added the option of clicking a button to focus directly in front of your character or vehicule.

Sometimes, I found the fact that you can’t see that much far ahead of you a little frustrating. Being able to look directly in front/behind you would definitely make the gameplay more fair.


In general, the controls are very friendly. The driving and combat controls are smooth. It’s a little difficult to control everything at once; for example, when you’re in a car chase, and also trying to see your map using the GPS; but I think that’s understanble, considering multi-tasking for most people dosn’t come naturally, and the game reflects that fact. The interface is also very easy to use, being very intuitive to your needs. A real no-brainer; in a good way.


The drug dealing system added to the game I found was a nice add-on. It added a unique business element to the game. The weapons ordering online system you could access through the game was also cool and fresh. They expanded so much on the original idea of driving around town accomplising missions for your gang. Just when I thought the idea of GTA was sucked dry, they still found a way to suprise me.


After quitting the game for whatever reason, my blood is still pumping a little faster than normal, due to the high speed action of the game. I know I’m always going to want to play more until I’ve discovered all the new unique features that GTA: Chinatown has to offer me.

If I had 50 words to tell someone the high-point of the game, it would be: “Doing crime on a whim, holding a drug dealing business, attracting 3 cops attention just because you can; that’s GTA”.