Message for Aspiring Game Programmers

If you’re passionate about the idea of creating games, and have the guts and discipline to learn how, I’m here to help!

I’m starting a game programming tutoring service! This tutoring will involve personal programming help for whichever skill-level you are. It would be done through email and live chat. The goal of these lessons is to eventually help you complete a full game to include in your game programming portfolio. After you’ve completed this, you will have obtained enough knowledge/skills to learn additional game programming skills on your own.

If you’re interested, please email me a little bit about yourself, including your present knowledge of programming, and what your goals are.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

(Admin of Game Developers Web)


What is this about?

This is a personal tutoring service for aspiring game programmers of any age, experience and education.

What is included with the service?

I give personal programming help, game related examples, and homework evaluations, along with constructive advice on how to improve your programming skills.

What if I already have experience programming?

Where the lessons start depend on your level of comfort. Therefore, you waste no time going through material you’ve already learnt in the past.

How expensive is this service?

The service is priced according to your schedule. Therefore, you will not be charged for a day you’re too busy for the tutorial. I take Paypal payments. The rate is very reasonable (contact me for info). If you’re not satisfied with the service, you will be refunded for a maximum of two days prior.

Are there any additional expenses?

Only if you choose to get tutoring in Flash ActionScript, in which case you will need to buy the Adobe Flash MX program. Otherwise, there will be no books, material or software to buy.

How far can you take me in the field of game programming?

My end goal is to help you develop a complete game, from A to Z. Its genre, complexity, and features depend entirely on you. This will be a very important milestone on your journey to become an experienced game programmer.

How long do the lessons last?

However long it takes you to accomplish the homework required from it, to a maximum of 1 week.

How much help/feedback am I given?

I will try to respond to you by email within 24 hours. If active help is required, I will try to make myself available for live chat.

Which programming languages/libraries will you teach?

C++ (Allegro) and Actionscript 3. These are very popular languages in the game industry, and will respond to most game programming needs.

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