I’ve decided to enter the DP Game Design Challenge. Although I admit that it will be doubly challenging to fit this in my schedule, along with developing my flash game, and finishing my board game concept.

The challenge consists of playing and writting a few paragraphs about 100 best reviewed games (of any console). I’ll have to include observations on many of the game’s elements, such as immersion, fun, intelligence (AI), visuals and ideas.

David Perry, the one who hosts this challenge, says that 95% of all aspiring game designers fail because of a lack of passion. That’s the reason he created the challenge; to help you determine if game design is really your calling in life.

I really admire David Perry. I visited his website after it being referenced in his book: “David Perry on Game Design: The Brainstorm Toolkit”. It’s an amazing book. If you plan on making game design your career, make sure to have it in your library.

I will be posting game reviews on my blog as I proceed through the challenge.