If you’re like me, from one minute to the next, you’ll spontaneously get the urge to hunt flash games on the internet.

I think it’s the fact that the internet carries an infinite supply of them, and that there’s flavours to fit any gaming mood, that draws me to them. Also the fact that they barely take 10 seconds to load.

Flash games are one of the gaming industries fastest growing trends. This is due to several reasons; here are a few :

  • Flash games are relatively easy to create
  • Extremely small load time
  • Their audio-visual nature

Hundreds of games come out everyday, and 95% of them are weeded out as boring. People have incredibly low attential spans these days, so flash games need to be very addictive and distinct in order to attract visitors.

For game developers, the flash games industry is a good fit. It’s the means for a creative programmer to earn a big amount of money for something he enjoys doing.

For new players in the flash game market, Flash Game License is a great place to start out. It’s a website where developers meet publishers, and bid money on flash projects. It also includes a big and friendly community to answer questions and offer support.