Did you know that Paul Preese, the creator of Desktop Tower Defense, makes around $8,000 a month?

Programming games, even as a hobby, can be lucrative. Even publishing free flash games on the internet has potential to bring in money through advertisements.

Any novice programmer has the ability to create such a game. Most addictive games are very simplistic. This includes flash games, browser games as well as some application games.

Here’s an interesting success story for you:
Chris Sawyer developed Roller Coaster Tycoon.


Since its initial release, Roller Coaster Tycoon earned him $30 million. You may think this is a poor example, since this game came out in 1999, and times have changed. However, I’m telling you this to make my point clear about how a good game idea can go very far.

If you’re having trouble thinking of an original game idea, here are a few pointers :

  • Browse free games on the internet, and make a note of the ones that catch your eye.
  • Find a game that you can play for 2+ hours
  • Think of some universal facts to base your game around. Revenge, love, and greed are some of them.
  • Consider the importance of buzz-worthy. Are people going to want to share your game with others?

To finish off, here’s something to think about. What’s stopping you from creating a popular game? Seriously. I bet most of today’s most addictive flash games are created by amateurs. If you think you have a good game idea, good chances are that the game will catch on if developed properly.

Thanks for reading. Stay posted for more eye-opening articles.